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July 14, 2023

The presentation is incredible! When the desserts came out, I was just speechless! The desserts are so carefully plated with attention to detail and looked so beautiful.

What i ordered:

-Biscoff & Cookie Dough No-Bake Cheesecake

-Japanese Pancakes

-Sticky Fig Pudding with Roasted Coconut topping

-Passionfruit Martini (Alcohol-Free)

-Pina Colada (Alcohol-Free)

The sticky fig pudding is my favourite pick! It may be condensed, but tastes amazing. The caramelized coconut topping was so aromatic and tasted so good with the sticky fig combination.

The Japanese pancakes were so fluffy and delicious! They were not too sweet and paired perfectly with berries and ice cream.

The last dessert we ate, the biscoff and cookie dough cheesecake were very rich and smooth. I loved the texture of every bite.

WE also had the passionfruit martini and pina colada non-alcoholic cocktails. They were very refreshing and paired perfectly with the desserts.

They open from 12 pm and close late, 7 days a week. I suggest bringing a friend along to share as the desserts are good portions for the price.

Guest Blogger-Kristy Phan @kp_food-adventures on Instagram

Kristy is a Melbourne food blogger.

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