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July 14, 2023

When you take a simple cake or a donut, twisted it open, add some fresh house made sweet goodness on to it and then deconstruct it into a totally next level dessert, you know you are having this nowhere but at Twisted Dessert Bar.

This is one place that does old skool desserts in a new twisted format, but one that tastes and looks oh so right. This twist I quite bangin, I tell ya.

Located in Fitzroy, open till 10pm, this is the perfect place to finish your weekend or your week in style and satisfying levels of sweetness you probably would have never known.

Their decor uses warm pastels and offers plenty of options to sit at the front or at the back in a more formal layout. They also cater to specific dietary requirements and also open to corporations groups, birthdays or casual events.

Certainly not the one to be underestimated and at such a perfect location, you cannot miss this place. In fact, you can pair it up with the other eateries on the same street, trust me there are some good ones within the surrounds and then walk up here for some ah mazing dessert paradise to finish off the night.

Just before Vic lockdowns, Craig and Lois who have marketing and hospitality expertise set up this place while running another branch out of Geelong, and have seen tremendous need for want of a dessert only bar in Melbourne.  They recently paired their desserts with beers from Bonehead Brewery that offered a degustation that I believe is quite unique and not something Melbourne has seen much of.

Featured in my sampling was-

Japanese Pancakes ( Berries/maple syrup/Nutella served with ice cream)

Cherry Croissant Pudding

Seasonal Waffles (Berries/nutella served with ice cream and maple syrup)

Tatse, presentation, service and care factor was super on point.

Mojo level 5/5

Guest Blog- Deepa G (Micro influencer of food/lifestyle/travel

Instagram- @melbournemojoeats

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